Monday, November 29, 2010

a walk this morning

This post is a tribute to the love of my life. 

I am so completely inspired by this man. 

When Brandon and I first stared dating, I remember sitting on the couch with him while he was in the process of writing "A Walk This Morning" (the song he plays in the video above)... I remember being absolutely perplexed, trying to understand the process that was going on inside his head. 

I'm an engineer. Scientific-minded. Theory-based thinking. Method to solve every problem.

Brandon is an artist. Inspiration, ideas, thoughts, dreams...all these things run through him so differently than they do for me. No wonder they say opposites attract. Ok, we're definitely not opposites...but the way my brain approaches a "problem" (for lack of a better word) is very, very different than his. 

That is an incredible phenomenon to observe.

The day I sat on the couch with him, he thought through which words he wrote would be emphasized on a down-beat and which would not. It took a few tries for him to get comfortable with the song and the newest verse he had written, but he didn't mind much when it didn't come out exactly as he had intended. He just kept moving forward (to quote one of my favorite movies, Meet the Robinsons). It was so different for me to just sit and try to see and feel and understand what was going through him at that moment. 

Different and inspiring.

So, today I just wanted to share with you the work of someone who has inspired me to truly live my life, to stop getting bogged down by methodical approaches to everything, to stop miring myself in routine and just take things as they keep moving forward.   Thank you, Brandon. 

If you guys liked that song, please go check out his website,, where you can listen to some of his other music... OR you can check out FireSide Symphony on Facebook. 

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  1. Becs,
    I am with you now, and will be with you for the rest of our lives! I pray everyday we will continue to inspire each other, while our spirits weave together a beautiful masterpiece with the fabrics of our love and shared life.

    I LOVE YOU!!



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