Monday, November 22, 2010

What I did this freekend...

The Neverhomemakers, Ashley and Stephen, inspired me on this one...this weekend Brandon and I celebrated our first freekend! A few days to enjoy our time outside of work without spending a cent. Dollars spent easily add up on random things over the weekend...what could we do with the money that we save??? We decided to keep a list of things/prices that we would have bought on our freekends and put that money away and save up for something special. A vacation perhaps???

So far our list looks something like this:
  • 1 gallon olive oil (from Sam's Club...for Chrismukkah gifts!) - $13
  • foot lotion for the puppy - $7
  • iron supplement - $6
  • Christmas Ale - $9 
  • Drinks in Lakewood - $40

For a grand total of...(drumroll, please)...$75!! I honestly don't think this list is very complete, because it was kind of an ex pos facto decision to keep track of things we would have spent....but seventy-five bucks isn't half bad! That's seventy-five dollars towards our next vacay. Thanks, Ashley! I love freekends.

So how did we spend our time? It actually ended up being a ridiculously full weekend, both productive and relaxing. It went something like this:

Friday night
  • yoga with my favorite yoga teacher!
  • grilled pita pizzas for dinner, plus one Christmas Ale
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (we're doing a HP recap before we go see the Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows)...falling asleep in front of the TV ensued, we woke up at 2am to move into the bedroom. 

  • Sleep in
  • 10-ish mile bike ride, to a park I've just discovered 2 miles from our house. We're planning a bike/run/bike on Thanksgiving morning before we head out to Pennsylvania because we had so much fun riding out there!

Our ride to Euclid Creek Reservation and back
Yep, big 'ol hill. Love it

  • stop riding to hug a tree and appreciate the beautiful feats of nature that northeast Ohio has to offer

  • take a break from riding to marvel at the graffiti on the Monticello Rd. bridge.

  • muscle up the 2-mile hill (Brandon way ahead of me. That's what I get for trying to take pictures while fighting up a monster hill on my bike.)
  • go watch Brandon's sister dance in a Swing Dance Flash Mob @ the mall in Strongsville. I need to take a second to talk about how AWESOME this is. Its like, random acts of kindness...just a ways to spread joy for no reason at all!
  • Have dinner with Brandon's parents (I guess this technically should disqualify us from our "freekend" but we didn't I maintain that we're still in.) Bruschetta. Stuffed mushrooms. Veggie fajitas. Christmas Ale. Enough said.
  • watch the more of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and fall asleep on the couch again. Still didn't make it all the way through

  • sleep in. We had planned another bike/run workout, but decided to do that later in the week. 
  • turn our leftovers from dinner into a de-freakin-licious brunch. Veggie fajitas-turned-veggie egg scramble with chips crumbled on top!
  • first time for everything: SUNDAY WAS MY FIRST TIME EVER RAKING THE YARD! I started out in a ridiculous get-up because I thought it was cold outside: jeans, longsleeve shirt, hoodie, puffy vest, snow boots, gloves and earmuffs. Temperature: mid-60's. Yep, I shed that clothing pretty quickly. Armed with my rake and a Christmas Ale, I happily spent the afternoon raking our lawn and playing in the leaves!
  • here's another freekend first: homemade ravioli for dinner!!! We made the ravi's while finishing up the rest of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 
  • ended the night with popcorn (airpopped with HOT SAUCE, salt, cumin and pepper. delish!) and ice cream and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We probably made it through half an hour before hopping into bed at 10pm for a solid eight hours of sleep!


What would you do all weekend if you wanted it to be a freekend?? Pick a weekend and...GO! Freekend! How much money do you think you'll save?

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  1. ahaha WOw jam packed weekend! the bike ride looks fun.. but cold brr!!


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