Friday, January 28, 2011

No-Gym Strength Training

One of my favorite things about blogging (and more importantly, following other people's blogs) is finding incredible online resources to share.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ashley, for opening my eyes to the awesomeness of zero-dollar-at-home strength training!! For those of you that are like me and know you need to supplement your running program with strength training, but don't want to fork up the cash to join a gym...this is totally for you.

a six week training program to help you build up to 100 push-ups in on shot

a six week training program to help you build to 200 sit-ups in on shot

a six week training program to help you build to 200 squats in one shot

They start you with an "initial test" (a.k.a. how many push ups you can do in a row right now at your current fitness level) and then build your training program based on your current fitness level. An example, from the push up regimen for week 1 looks something like this:

Guys, this is totally doable!

It's three days per week and a go-at-your-own pace type of training program. If you can't finish the workouts one week, you can just repeat the week until you're able to complete all the push ups/sit ups/squats. I think the best part is, it doesn't take too long! So I'm going to try to work these in after our weekly runs. Every two weeks, you monitor your progress by doing an "exhaustion test" before you move onto the next week. This helps you understand your push up, sit up or squat fitness level and tailor the next few weeks to that level.

My goal in using this program is to develop my strength while I'm training for the marathon, without having to drag my butt to the gym before, or after work. I don't necessarily feel like I need to do 100 push ups (which is a far cry from where I'm at right now). 

I hope a few of you find this helpful, please check back in and let me know how you are doing if you decide to embark on an at-home strength journey with me.

Peace, Love & Bagels,

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