Friday, February 11, 2011

My 20 Minutes A Day Challenge

While perusing my Google reader, I came across a great idea:

Pick something you want to accomplish and announce it publicly. Then spend 20 minutes per day working on it.

Michael, from Sustainably Creative was the genius mind behind that one. You can find his original post here.

Some ideas for accomplishing your challenge task that he suggests are:

  • get a dedicated timer
  • stop at the end of your 20 minutes
  • reward yourself at the end of your time
  • if you can't do it 7 days a week, at least do 3 or 4
So right here in this post, I'm going to announce to the world what my 20 Minutes A Day Challenge task will be.

I knitted Brandon a scarf for Christmas. Well, I knitted him 3/8 of a scarf. My task is going to be to finish knitting his scarf so he can finally use his Christmas present.

But here are some other 20 Minute Challenge ideas:
  • read (this is definitely going to be my next one, as it is also part of my 2011 goals)
  • paint a picture
  • exercise
  • write
  • clean or declutter (ahem, another goal)
  • learn something new
  • work on your car (if that's your thing - I just know someone who is building a motorcycle from scratch)
What will your 20-minutes a day challenge be?

Peace, Love & Bagels,

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