Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday: Training Week #15


That is the sound of me sighing, because the past week was a beautiful and easy running week for us!

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 6 mi easy. I took Pele' out for the second half of this run to give him a little lovin' after bringing home the new puppy and we stopped by Ben & Jerry's to see Brandon while he was muscling through his personal hell: Free Cone Day.
Wednesday - a mile-long walk with the puppies.
Thursday - 6 mi easy. 
Friday - 7 mi easy.
Saturday/Sunday - rest.

Our training was, more or less, uneventful last week because it was a much needed easy week and we had a lot of work to do around the house...getting Buck used to our home and our rules, tending to our garden and our herbs, a wedding to go to on Saturday, etc., etc., etc.,

Last week was the week to get the exhaustion out. I didn't even bother cross-training much. I needed the rest. This week, it's back to lunchtime yoga practices and  

This week, is a little less "rest-y" but we're foregoing a 20-miler for a 10 mile race this weekend. I'm totally okay with that. Save the 20 miler for a weekend when we don't have to spend that evening partying with the family for Easter!

Today is the start of Passover, but since I'm traveling to Roanoke for work (and missing the OBA April Meetup AND Emily's Passover seder) I won't be having a seder until Thursday or Friday. I was so excited to have my own seder for Brandon and I this evening...but running, packing and going to bed is going to have to take precedence.

Peace, Love & Bagels,

p.s. Housekeeping note: for those of you who subscribe to the PL&B feed by email (or potentially even a feed reader??) I had to update my feed due to the domain name change. I'm working on trying to get it to switch so you can still get updates on posts...but if you're not receiving them, please re-sign up using the "subscribe by email" in the right sidebar!! Sorry for all this weirdness! 
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