Friday, May 13, 2011

This Is It

My apologies if the title of this post makes you pine for Michael Jackson. What I meant by "this is it" was "THIS IS MARATHON WEEKEND"

It's here! After four month of training, Brandon and I ran our last training run this morning before work. It was warm and the air was soft...a perfect setting for a little nostalgia. I think we both were feeling incredibly grateful to have had company while grappling with training runs in the snow, rain, sub-freezing temps and even some sun (whhaaaa...?)

I am so thankful to have had Brandon by my side though this journey! Like he said this morning, it has been a lot of literal and figurative ups and downs for us. I am just glad he was with me. I know fully know the difference between training for a marathon alone versus training with someone else. It's made a huge difference for me. Mentally, physically, has been much more pleasant with him by my side.

That, and I can officially say I've been stress fracture free this time around!! That's not to say I won't develop one while running the marathon...but I've been almost completely pain free throughout our training. That is AMAZING to me. I've suffered from shin splints since my freshman season of lacrosse. I am absolutely amazed that I haven't been plagued with some kind of shin pain! I attribute it mostly to our run/walk training.

I spent some time on my Garmin website looking at what the last four months of our lives have amounted to. These are some of my totals and averages:

(I don't think I actually ever hit a max speed of 88 miles per hour...sometimes my Garmin can get a bit confused)

Anyway, to everyone running this weekend, I wish you the best of luck and let's hope the weather holds out for us! I think we're all nervcited (Thanks Jess)...but I absolutely cannot wait! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and you'll all hear from me on Monday (orrrr maybe Tuesday, since I'm taking Monday off of work) about the race!!!

Peace, Love & Bagels,

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