Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday Five: the mindbody edition

This week's Friday Five are posts mostly from last week (wait, it might actually be two weeks ago) because I have a huge backlog in my Google Reader due to my blogging break.

First up, Joyfear.
Leo Babauta strikes again. His posts very often sing to emotions that I'm going though and usually right at the optimal time. In this post he talks about every defining moment in life being associated with this self-coined term, joyfear.

Grace Is Gone. I love the way this song makes me feel. It feels. Like, it's something tangible. The concept of letting go has become very central in my life and even though the words in this song are very sad and I don't necessarily empathize, I can really feel what he's ultimately saying to me; "it's okay to be sad. Embrace it and when you're ready, let it go."

Thanks Dave.

Porpoise...purpose...Live your purpose, not your fears.

{photocred: me}
The way Jason Mraz puts words to a page (or a song) really helps me understand Brandon as a musician. I know Brandon feels this way when he's working on new songs, and there are many things going on in our lives right now that we just need to embrace; let love in and let fear out.

Oh and Jason, I'm stealing your word: AWESOMAZING. 

Instead of being our emotions and sometimes letting them take over, let's all greet our emotions as passing states of being. Try, "Good Morning, Frustration" instead of "I am frustrated".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ok, ok, I'm sure you've been waiting patiently to see the winners of the ButtShield giveaway! Since only two different people left comments, EVERYONE IS A WINNER!

Congrats Jess and Kimi!!

Look out for an email from me soon!

peace+love for your weekend,

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