Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet the Band: FireSide Symphony


In the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to see FireSide Symphony play live at a few different venues.

As you probably know, I happen to be dating the lead singer. What you might not know is...well, anything about the music. {Side note: don't judge me for using my blog to promote my boyfriend's musical aspirations, but I'm going to because I think he's incredibly talented and the world deserves to hear his music!} So here is your chance to get a little bit of background on just WHO FireSide Symphony is!

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Who is FireSide Symphony and what is the music like?
FireSide Symphony begins and ends with Brandon, but includes many many musicans from all different walks of life.  It's not the "Brandon Kocher Band," because this music is created from many different muses, influences and artists.  The focus is the music and the vibes that move you.  If FSS had a mother and father, the offsprings genes would sound like Dave Matthews Band meets Simon and Garfunkel.  Acoustic instruments, percusively driven and sweet sweet harmonies.

How long have you been playing music?  
Music has been with me since I was a boy.  My mom and dad wanted me to play piano (starting around age 5 or 6) and then I picked up the violin in the 4th grade and joined the orchestra.  Set those instruments down by my sophomore year of high school and picked up the bass guitar and started a band with my friends.  By my jr. year of high school mom and dad, as a birthday gift, gave me my first acoustic guitar and I immediately started writing my own music.  And the rest is history....


What made you decide that you wanted to pursue music as a career?  
Freshman year of college at John Carroll University, I spent a LOT of time by myself, soul searching, and finally realized how much joy I find playing and writing music and sharing that with others.  My communications degree, which I graduated with in 2005, then became my life's backup plan and music has since been first and foremost.  


What instruments do you play and what is your favorite?
Oh golly....my favorite instrument is my voice.  I love love LOVE to sing!  In the wise words of Jason Mraz, "when you sing, you pray twice."  I will play any guitar you hand me, acoustic, electric, or bass.  I have a new princess, a beautiful Ukulele, which I named Lilly and nose flute, traditionally called ohe hano ihu, which both are hand crafted from Hawaii and quickly becoming my favorites.  I also really enjoy playing percussion on my djembe' and bongos!  


What is your favorite FireSide Symphony song?
Favorite?  That's like asking a father of 20 children, "which child is your favorite?"  There is not just ONE favorite, but I will say, my excitement for different songs peak at different times.  Right now, it is "A walk this morning" and "priority,"  as i've spent ample time working on them in the recording studio.  

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I've been following Dave Matthews Band since my freshman year of high school.  Dave and the band will always be #1 in my musical heart and soul.  It took me 18 DMB concerts, but I finally found the woman I love most, hippie dancing right next to me at a DMB concert at Blossom!  Thanks DMB!  Other artists which have a very potent influence in my music writing are (in no specific order) Xavier Rudd, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, ALO and Bob Marley.  I could ramble on about all the music I listen to, but these are the best of the best.  

Make me a mix-tape of some of your favorite songs:
I like to call this one "I Love Music"
  1. I Love Music by ALO
  2. Crush by Dave Matthews Band
  3. To Travels and Trunks by Hey Marseilles
  4. Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti and Spearhead
  5. Down by Jay Sean
  6. Leave a Trail by Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band
  7. Better People by Xavier Rudd
  8. Lying in the Hands of God by Dave Matthews Band
  9. Shiver by Xavier Rudd
  10. When I Go by Brett Dennan
  11. Let Me Be by Xavier Rudd
  12. Proudest Monkey by Dave Matthews Band
  13. Journey Songs by Xavier Rudd
  14. Angel/Better Together (Live) by Jack Johnson
  15. Pig by Dave Matthews Band
  16. Suspended by ALO
I could add much much more, but I think "I love music" sums it all up.  

What are your plans for upcoming albums/gigs/etc.?
Currently recording my next 5 track EP.  Hoping to generate a LOT of excitement and some income to turn a 5 track EP into a full album.   I took some time off from playing live, but am back in full swing!  I'm working with many different artists in the CLE and am happy to be apart of their gigs, as well as, including them in my own gigs!

A HUGE thanks to the love of my life, Rebecca, "PeaceLoveAnd(hopefully our)bagels"  For giving all that she is to this world every single day.  Becs, you are AMAZING and I am inspired by you every single day.  I LOVE YOU!

Love, peace and happiness!


Just for you guys, I'm going to give you a sneak peak of some of the new music that Brandon has been working on in the recording studio. Here is the studio version of "A Walk This Morning"

Welcome to the FireSide Family :)
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