Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making the Dress, part 1

One of the first thoughts I had when Brandon asked me to marry him, was "I want to make my dress." 

I swear I'm not delusional...I made my prom dress in high school. Also, I don't even have a wedding date yet, but I'm starting now, so if I F-up then I still have time to buy a dress. 

My first task was to pick a pattern. After much deliberation and sending pictures to just about everyone that I knew, I settled on this one:
{photocred: http://www.sewdirect.com}

Except, I really want capped sleeves, so I'm going to play with the pattern so they will look more like this:
(sorry, this is the best I could do with Paint)

That, and I'm going to add a sheer outer layer on the skirt, if you can imagine what that looks like. 

Step two, buy material. I settled on a nice flowy silk, with chiffon as the aforementioned outer layer. I'm also going to make my sleeves out of the chiffon. 

So then after I made sure to wash and pre-shrink any material (not as if this matters for me, we don't have a working dryer - although I did steam it) I laid it all out in my living room...er, I should say all over my living room:

Now is the fun part... 

...and by fun, I mean tedious. Pinning the pattern to the material. 

Ingrid (my step-momma) always told me, pin twice, cut once. 

The skirt is going to be the toughest part. It's got a lot of real estate. 

And so it goes, I have officially begun the making of my wedding dress. As of today, I've got about a third of the lining cut. My plan is to put a couple of hours in at a time, one or two days a week...that way I won't get overwhelmed and/or bored trying to do it all at once. 

Wish me luck!!

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