Monday, October 3, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

Well, it's official.

I mean, I know it was official on September 23rd. But now, it's really's October now.

Do you know what October is? October is my birthday month!

Once upon a time, a little girls was born. The year was 1985. She started out small and would not grow to be over five feet tall. Her parents named her Rebecca Francesca.

Fast forward to 14 years later, that little girl's aunt was pregnant with her first daughter. The whole family took bets on when she would be born. Rebecca made the bet that this newest family member would be born around her birthday. Low and behold, the baby was born the day before Rebecca's birthday. Rebecca thought this sucked for two reasons; she never won the payout for the bet and she now had to share her birthday with one of her cousins. Rebecca didn't get any birthday cards from her family that year [insert life-sized unhappy emoticon here].

Olivia, if you ever read this...know that I love you and I have forgiven you for stealing my birthday :) I've grown up since then, and I'm willing to share. Also, Evan Longoria shares a birthday with us, and that is awesome.

As you can see, I'm a little brat when it comes to my birthday. That's why I have declared October my birthday month! Bring on the celebrations!!!

Who else has an October birthday?
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