Friday, October 21, 2011

Homebrew Review

Name: Imperial Nut Brown
ABV: 6.75% - 7.75%
IBU's: 47-50

  • 6.6 lb Amber LME
  • 2 lb Amber DME
  • 2 oz. Maltodextrin
  • 4 oz. Caramel 80L (specialty grains - so are the next two ingredients)
  • 4 oz. Chocolate
  • 8 oz. Victory
  • 1 oz. bittering hops
  • 1 oz. flavoring hops
  • 1 oz. aroma hops
  • Safale S-04 yeast
Package Description: A rich, complex high-gravity specialty ale. It's a full bodied brew with plenty of hop character to balance this Imperial-style Brown Ale. The slight caramel and chocolate flavors are followed by a nutty aftertaste.

My take on it: This one is a much heavier beer than my last homebrew. I like it a lot actually, from a boldness perspective. This is the kind of beer that I'd like to have on a cold Sunday morning with breakfast - because it's not overly bitter. I actually kind of want it to be a tiny bit less sweet, but I am wondering if that has to do with the fermentation time? Generally, when our kombucha comes out too sweet, it means it needed a little extra time to ferment. I am happy with the carbonation too! I am always amazed when I pour one of our homebrews into a glass and I see foam at the me that means, "whoa! I actually made beer!"

Next up: Brewer's Best IPA

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