Friday, February 24, 2012

Go Mustangs!!!!

I've made mention to it once or twice, but let it officially be known....I am coaching the Strongsville High School Girl's Lacrosse Team!!

I played lacrosse all four years of college and did a little coaching at Hoover High School when I first moved to Ohio. Now I'm going to be head coach of the girl's team at Strongsville. Very exciting, I know. I can see you jumping with excitement from here.

I've been doing all kinds of coaching training online and plan to take some coaching clinics that are put on my US Lacrosse eventually. One things I've learned is that I need a plan for the season and I need to set goals. Let's start with some goals (because we all know that writing them down and putting them out there will hold us accountable)
  1. Average less than 5 goals against per game: this means beefing up our defense big time. We'll need to have a solid settled defense and I want every single player to feel comfortable defending the goal.
  2. Average 7+ goals per game: I know lacrosse at the high school level is chock-full of "give the ball to the star player" types of offenses. A corollary to this goal, is having an even distribution of goals scored by all the attackers. 
  3. Win 80% of the draws: in the game of lacrosse, there is a golden rule "SHE WHO WINS THE DRAW, WINS THE GAME" and it is true in most games. You have to have the ball to score a goal, right? Makes sense.
  4. Zero red/yellow cards all season: if you get carded, it means you are not playing clean lacrosse 99% of the time. I have no tolerance for dirty play. 
  5. Make 75% of all free position shots: this will probably be the toughest one, you'd be surprised how many free shots on the goal can get botched. 
  6. Average 5 caused turnovers per game: BIG D! All this means is that we have a very strong defense and that we are hungry for the ball. 
Looking at the stats from last year, I think these goals are totally attainable (and SMART!) Sooo...wish me luck!

I am so excited for the season!
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