Monday, February 14, 2011

Marathon Monday: Training Week #6

This week's running schedule!

Last week was a strange week. Let's start with, the temperature was below zero for 3 out of the seven days. Instead of a nice easy 6 miler on Tuesday, we got out, ran for 3, then I decided I was just too uncomfortable to finish. Thursday was, again just too damn we decided to practice yoga INSIDE instead of doing our 800s. Training is supposed to be fun, not torture. I'm still going to be able to run a marathon in May regardless of whether I skipped a few training runs here or there.

Besides, every now and then you need an easy week.

Friday and Saturday were both pretty easy runs. We just did a 10k on Saturday and it was the first time we ran in the sun since we were on Maui. I overdressed because it was supposed to be cold and WINDY. Windy, it was, but the sun is stronger than the wind (I believe there is an Aesop's Fable about that) and I had to take off my sweats within 5 minutes of beginning.

This week, we're only going to do five 800s, instead of seven, since that is what we were supposed to do last week and we skipped it. Plus, I haven't updated my training schedule but it's really only supposed to be six this week anyway. I'm looking forward to a tougher week, mostly because the weather is going to warm up. So maybe, just maybe I won't have to spend 20 minutes getting ready to run!

Some things I want to keep an eye on this week:

  • My left shin, it's been nagging a bit on the last few runs. At the very least, I need to do a few toe taps before heading out the door to warm up those muscles a bit. 
  • Brandon's right foot, which has been hurting him again. Two of his metatarsal bones (2nd and 3rd ray I think) sit very close together and rub against each other. Painful.
Today, I'll be venturing outside for my run at lunch. I'm excited to have the afternoon off because of running earlier in the day - that's what I love so much about running in the morning. When it is lighter and warmer earlier (like maybe in April or May) we might begin to do a few of our runs before work instead of afterwards. 

I can tell I'm getting stronger. The most telling thing is the number of push ups I can do in a row. I think I'm up to about 23 right now, which is awesome!! That's 11 more than I could do two weeks ago! I'll try to get some in before or after my run today, but I always feel so ridiculous working out in my office. We really need a dedicated workout room!

This week, I also want to pay close attention to how I'm fueling my body. We have several tough runs coming up, so gorging on sugary snacks and pizza is probably not my best choice (guilty, there were a lot of those things last week!) Although, I'm not gonna lie, one of my colleagues brought in the most adorable "conversation heart" sugar cookies. I will be enjoying one of those shortly.

If you're training, how did your last week go? What's in store for this week?

Peace, Love & Bagels,

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