Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wineday Wednesday: Gascon Malbec

2009 Gascón Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina

This has been my favorite wine for some time now. I am completely enamored with a Malbec from just about any winery, but Don Miguel Gascon has taken the cake for me. It’s very bold and fruity with (as the back label has informed me) a hint of mocha. It’s a pretty dry and very robustly deep purple wine. Also, it’s definitely more in my general, everyday, wine price range than the Rombauer Chardonnay was, although I’ve seen it as high as $19.99 at Acme (or was it Giant Eagle?)

This grape is native to France, but they are more suited for the soil and winds in the Mendoza region of Argentina. From the Gascon website (

As the Malbec adapted, winegrowers selected the best vines and took cuttings to propagate them, creating a genetic pool of Argentine-only Malbec that was thicker-skinned than its French forebears, small berries in tight, flavor-packed clusters, with tannins rounded out by 150-170 days of hang time.
Argentine Malbec most often grows on its own roots, since the absence of pests like Phylloxera reduces the need for site-specific root choices. Traditional winegrowers in Argentina believe that this yields a more pure and concentrated character in the wines.”

Long of the short: this wine is affordable and delicious. If you’re into reds, you’ll love this beautiful bottle!

DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE: I am, in no way, a wine connoisseur and have had no professional experience with wine tasting or reviewing. My opinions are my own and I am not compensated in any way for them.

Peace, Love & Bagels, 

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