Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Wineday Wednesday Hiatus

My Wineday Wednesday posts will be going on hiatus for several weeks, to observe our promise for lent which, this year, is two-fold; I'm giving up booze and processed sugar (and by processed sugar, I mean desserts - not necessarily packaged foods that have sugar in them, which I try to avoid buying too often anyway).

Wait, Becca, aren't you Jewish?

I think I've already explained my religious background but to recap; I was raised Jewish, but I celebrate Christmas and Easter and various other non-Jewish holidays (because my dad is catholic). But this lenten promise isn't really about subscribing to Lent. It's about resetting my system.

Recalibrating, we'll say.

Lent is just a good excuse to have a pre-set amount of time to go through this recalibration. The season is (slowly) changing to spring, my body is starting to get ready to come out of my dark beer and sugar-laden hibernation. It's time to give my body a much needed cleanse!

So for the next 40 days (and 40 nights) I'm going to

  • not consume any adult beverages. They can be replaced with beverages that make my body happy and healthy. Like fresh juice (I just bought 10 lbs of apples and 5 lbs of oranges) and home brewed kombucha...and WATER!
  • avoid desserts that involve lots of processed sugar: chocolate, ice cream, cake to name a few. Fruits are definitely not off limits though!
I'm also going to make sure I dry rub and do the neti pot at least once a day AND start my day with a glass of lemon water, so I can keep everything moving through me.

So, in light of this, I am putting my Wineday Wednesday posts on hiatus until after Easter. Don't worry though, I promise that I'll post everything that I learned at our wine tasting class...I've just been lazy and haven't gotten around to doing it yet!

Last year at this time, I had a serious cereal addiction. I know that sounds silly, but I ate an ungodly amount of cereal. So I decided to give it up for lent. Not eating any cereal for 40 days really put it into perspective for me...I realized I didn't want or need that much cereal in my life. I eat it now, but not nearly in the same volumes or at the inappropriate times of day (one box of cereal for dessert, please!) that I used to.

I am hoping I gain the same thing out of giving up booze and desserts this year - a little perspective. I need to gain a little control over these things in my life and that is why I'm giving them up for Lent. 

Are you giving up anything for Lent? If you don't observe Lent, what would you give up if you did?

Peace, Love & Bagels, 

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