Monday, March 7, 2011

My Life Game, revisited

Now that it's March (well....already well into March), let's revisit the 2011 goals that I outlined at the beginning of February. Things that I didn't comment on haven't been accomplished yet.

1. Healthy Mind & Body

  • Get out of the grocery store
    • go to the farmer's market at least once a month: February, least twice! And I found my favorite grass-fed cheese!!
    • Build a chicken coop for the backyard in the spring: The wheels are turning! We went to a seminar last night (put on by Local Food Cleveland and E4S) all about backyard livestock. It was great to do a little networking and learn a bit more about keeping chickens!
    • Build a raised bed to expand our garden
  • Read more often
    • Read at least one book every two months
    • Get a library card: check! although, I need to forms of ID with my new address to prove I live in South Euclid - the address on my driver's license is three houses old and I don't get any bills mailed to my new home. Not sure how to get around this one.
  • Make more food items that I would normally buy
    • Choose four food items to MAKE instead of buy this year: success on my first endeavor - homemade english muffins!
    • Learn how to can/preserve foods we've grown
2. Family First
    • Visit home more often: visited once this year already!
    • Appreciate!
      • find out the birthdays of my aunts, uncles, cousins
      • Make homemade (+ HANDWRITTEN) birthday cards for everyone: I didn't do this for Tanja's birthday, but I made her scarves instead
    • Stay in touch: there haven't been any holidays since I first posted these goals, but I did get to speak with my great-uncle (who is like a Grandfather to me) for about 45 minutes a few weeks ago. That conversation absolutely made my evening!
    3. Experience Life and Follow My Passion
    • Meet new people: An ongoing goal, for sure. Does meeting people on Twitter count? I participated in the  #CLEfit chat and I feel like I got to get to know a lot of other Clevelanders. Oh and the backyard livestock seminar can get counted as well! 
    • Explore photography
      • Do some research on community college classes
      • Save up for a dSLR: yep, been putting away money every paycheck!
    • Travel, and stand on my head
      • Visit two new cities this year
      • Go to a new place, store, restaurant, etc.  in a city I've already been to: Check, the Pourhouse in Hoboken, NJ. Awesome because they have my favorite beer and bingo for Sunday morning brunch!
      • Run one destination race this year, outside of Ohio
    4. Simplify
    • Create more than consume
      • create/make/invent four things this year that I would normally buy at the store: again, Tanja's scarves. I'm still proud of this!
      • Keep a "want but don't need list" and do not buy items on that list until they’ve been there for at least a month. Try to make some of these items: I started keeping a list, but I haven't made (or even really wanted to buy) anything on it.
    • Don't buy clothing for one year. It's March and I haven't bought myself a single thing. Race shirts from races do not count. I'm not running for the shirt.
    • Get rid of "stuff". 
      • Go through wardrobe (both winter and summer) and donate anything that I haven't worn in 6+ months
      • Get rid of unused appliances and any other "things" that do not serve us 
    5. Be Vulnerable
    • Speak up:
      • At work, make at least two comments or ask at least two questions at every meeting: I haven't been counting but I think I'm doing well with this. 
    • Ask questions
    • Make eye contact. I'm doing SO much better at this! It's the toughest to do with the people I'm close to (I don't know why) but I'm making a conscious effort. 

    Alright, that's where I'm at. Thank you all so much for your support and more importantly, for keeping me accountable. I will check back in in a month or two to show you where I've gone from here.

    How are you doing with the goals you set for 2011?

    Peace, Love & Bagels,

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