Monday, March 7, 2011

Marathon Monday: Training Week #9

This week marks the [drumroll please...] halfway point of our marathon training!

Last week went something like this:

Monday - 48 minute, run 4/walk 2. Fairly easy run, south on Belvoir and back home. Brandon and I had a good run talk, which I think distracted me from over focusing on the fact that it was our first run back after a weekend-long break. I love having a running buddy!

Tuesday - 7 mile run. We did this 4 on, 1 off and discovered some new neighborhoods while we were at it. That was the best part! I mapped a run on so we could get away from our regular loops around the house. It was definitely a good move - broke up the monotony.

Wednesday - 6x800. This was supposed to be our Thursday run, but since we're doing our long run on Friday this week, we decided it's better to have a day in between hard 800's and the long slow run. I felt really good with these splits! We walked in between instead of jogging, but that's what both of us needed. My body was like "ok, I'll run these 800's hard, but you better give me more rest in between". At our slowest, we ran a 4:07 (for the 800) and at our fastest, we ran a 3:50. Stronger everyday!

Thursday - rest! Although, I might do some of my pushups, situps and squats. I decided to spread the workout out over the whole week instead of trying to get 5 sets in, three days a week. That might sound silly, but I am still doing the same amount of strength training in one week, just not concentrating it into three days.

Friday - 13 miles. I mapped a course similar to our 7 miler on Tuesday and it ended up being a pretty nice run. It wasn't too cold, until the wind blew of course. Yay for 13 miles, three days off and HOBOKEN ST. PATTY'S DAY!

Saturday - Sunday - REST (plus, green food and green beer!)

Our training last week essentially looked something like this (I love the garmin website, because it gives weekly mileage)

Next week will look something like this:

except, Monday is a rest day due to a seminar at Great Lakes Brewing Co. on keeping backyard livestock and the 7-hour, turned 10-hour drive back from NJ we had yesterday. There was a freak snowstorm in PA that absolutely covered the roads and had us moving at 30 mph (at the fastest!) Needless to say, we need a day off before getting back into it.

How did you spend your weekend??

Peace, Love & Bagels,
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