Friday, May 6, 2011

The Friday Five

First off, check out my guest post over at my favorite blog for all things Cleveland, the wonderful Poise in Parma. Thanks for the opportunity to "stop by" Alicia! I wish you the best this Month and I can't wait for our carb fest on the 14th!

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Sorry guys, it's been an off week for me. I've hit the proverbial wall in just about all aspects of my life; work, blogging, cooking and running. It became an unsuspectingly busy week and I didn't run when I could have and I couldn't run when I was planning to. We were only supposed to do a couple of shorter runs, but I still can't get that sinking feeling out of my stomach that is plaguing me with self-doubt.

Am I ready for this marathon? Did I do enough?

Brandon reminded me this morning that we should be well rested and ready to run 26.2 miles next Sunday and that skipping a couple of taper-training runs is probably good for us. I did manage to get in a few good yoga sessions this week (one was even the sun!) So, I should be focusing on those positive things instead.

Let's talk about the fun links I thoroughly enjoyed this week...

I got a good freaking laugh out of some of these incredibly creative photos.  (photo credit:

Jen's post "25 things I know to be true" is really refreshing. It reminds me of my yearly bucket list, which had 25 things on it this year and will have 26 things on in October (since I'll be 26). Hmm, maybe I'll do a post about which items I've crossed off so far? (photo credit: Eat, Live, Run)

Somday, I want to make the jump from marathons to triathlons and I think, like just about every other runner out there that wants to "tri a tri", swimming is the most intimidating part. This post will be a great guide for me when I do take the plunge. (photo credit: No Meat Athlete)

I may have posted this song before, but Fireside Symphony is back in the studio!! This is on of my favorite songs to date, and Brandon currently working on a recorded version of it.  P.S. He's wearing my sweatshirt in this video.

Why Clevland? I'm taking this awesome month-long challenge to come up with 31 reasons (for the 31 days in May) to answer the question WhyCLE? Mom and Dad, maybe you'll finally be able to understand why I moved out here. (photo credit: Why CLE)

Alright, I have sufficiently quelled my worries about the marathon with some music, pictoral comic relief, and a good challenge. Have a wonderful (and hopefully dry) weekend!!!

Peace, Love & Bagels,

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