Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Run!

PSA Alert!!

If you have ever tasted a bitter, metallic taste in your mouth lasting for days at a time...don't worry, it's probably not a brain tumor. You probably just ate pine nuts. 

Apparently pine nuts have been found to be the culprit in several cases of long-lasting-bad-taste-in-my-mouthitis. I have been experiencing this for the last day or two and it wasn't until I spent some time googling that I figured out what it could be. I searched for "bad taste in my mouth lasting days" and the word pine nuts stood out on the search results page a few times. Curious, because I just had pine nuts...when I made my stinging nettle pesto. In searching a little deeper (a.k.a. googling "bad taste in mouth" and "pine nuts" together) I found out that it seems to be a fairly common problem. I wouldn't worry too much about buying pine nuts though, it seems that the large majority of pine nuts sold in the U.S. don't cause this problem. From wikipedia
A small minority of pine nuts cultivated in China can cause taste disturbances, lasting between few days to maximal a week after consumption. A bitter, metallic taste is described. Though unpleasant, there are no lasting effects.
Meanwhile, the only thing that is getting that taste out of my mouth is the physical act of eating. As soon as I swallow my food, yucky taste returns. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to wait it out.

Okay, the real post today was supposed to be a recap of my first post-marathon run. It started on a warm Tuesday night...

Brandon and I wanted to take the dogs out for a run. I know Pele' can run for about 3 miles, but had no idea how far Buck could go (although they say that Rhodesian Ridgebacks can keep up with a horse for 30 miles). We decided on an easy 2-miler, which ended up being about 2.6 miles. 

Me + Brandon + dogs + running = love.

We went out in our vibrams too! I am looking forward to running in them more often, since we're not doing big mileage. So, I'm officially up to 2.6 miles in vibrams. 

After about a mile, without warning, Buck stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and pooped. Brandon almost ran right into him, mid-squat. Thank goodness we remembered to bring a bag,  even though I ended up carrying it all the way home! We don't usually have to bring one because Pele' is too embarrassed to poop in front of anyone. He needs his privacy.

For animals with four legs, they're pretty wimpy. I think we wiped them out.

"Oh please don't make me run anymore, Mom!!"

The run wasn't very long, but it was so much fun to take the dogs out. I want running with my pups to be a big part of  maintaining my fitness throughout the summer.

Do you run with your dog (or cat/horse/pig/chickens)?? What kind of exercise do you do that you can include your pets on?


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