Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last year, when I was still living with Emily, we threw a winter beer olympics party in honor of the winter olympics. We had a whole bracket set up for beer pong, corn hole, speed quarters (the only game that we actually finished) and flip cup. What we didn't have planned to play was Beersbee.

Beersbee was the game that was played excessively while we were at the beach in Port Clinton last weekend (for the Medina High School class of 2001 Reunion, by the by).

It involves two poles, some solo cups, a frisbee, and your beer. My goal today, is to enlighten you with a little know-how so you can take beersbee to your next summer barbecue (hey, the Fourth is coming up!)

what you'll need to play...
  • 1 regulation frisbee
  • 4 poles (any material, just something that you can shove into the ground)
  • 4 solo cups
  • 4 able and willing participants
  • 4 beers (NOTE: Beersbee can also be played with water, for you designated drivers)
  • setup poles to form a long rectangle (as shown in beersbee pitch figure below). The space between the poles should fit the entire diameter of the frisbee, plus one inch on either side. Like so:
  • place a solo cup upside down on each pole
  • length of the pitch is left to the discretion of the players and often depends on size of game play area and ability of frisbee-throwers
  • NOTE: Beersbee should not be played inside

the object of the game...
score points by throwing a frisbee in between the two poles or knocking cups off the top of the poles, first team to 15 points wins!
NOTE: 15 points is a subject of debate, you can really play to whatever point total you desire.

rules...well, Brandon's rules...
  1. one team on either side of the pitch
  2. if your throw knocks a cup off of the pole, you get 1 points
  3. if you throw the frisbee between the poles without touching them, you get 3 points
  4. if the defending team catches a cup that has been knocked off the pole, they get 1 point. cup must not touch the ground to get the point.

Beersbee is still a lot of fun if you don't know how to throw a frisbee (I speak from experience). Just be aware of your surroundings and try not to break any windows or dent any cars. 

I hit the house last time I played. Thank god for plastic siding!

We use plastic poles that were purchased from home depot. So minus the cost of any beverages, it's a cheap, fun and active drinking game. It's definitely a crowd favorite at any parties that involve Medina High School graduates.

What's your favorite drinking game? Are your Beersbee rules any different from Brandon's?
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