Monday, June 27, 2011

Race Recap: A Most Excellent Race

Just kidding!

This post should be a race recap, but I didn't end up running it because I was violently sick the night before. That was the best post title I could think of though. Other top contenders were:

Why I Only Lasted 6 Days On Raw Foods
6 out of 10 ain't bad
How Raw Foods Dominated My Toilet

Yeah, that last one was a little too graphic, even for me. I think you get the gist though, we're cutting our raw foods cleanse short by 4 days.

This weekend was going really well until I came down with a fever on Saturday evening and proceeded to get sick every hour, on the hour, beginning at 8 p.m. Needless to say, we didn't run in the 10k the next morning (bummer deal) and I woke up with zero appetite for raw food.

I don't want to give you the impression that I was "defeated" by this challenge. I am simply listening to what my body is asking of me. It was beginning to be more of a burden than fun for that's why we decided to end it early. Every time we do a raw food cleanse, we learn a little bit more about it and about ourselves. Some key takeaways this time around:

  • We are going to incorporate more raw food in our lives by doing one raw meal every week
  • I've been able to learn my body's limits, especially when I am only putting raw food into it. At least for the first few days, I generally don't have enough energy to exercise.
  • Raw food prep can take a long time. If we weren't prepping a meal, we were thinking about what we needed to soak or dehydrate for our next meal. That, in itself, is exhausting. 
So, last week was really tough for me. I wanted to run, ride or practice yoga but basically didn't have the energy (or time - we needed to make ourselves food!) Then, by the time Sunday rolled around and I had lost just about everything that I ate on Saturday, I just had no appetite for raw foods anymore. There was no sense forcing my body to do something that it didn't want to...and with that, enter cheese and crackers back into my life. 

I love cheese.
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