Monday, July 11, 2011

Uncle Joe's Pancakes

So, as you may know, I was on vacation in L.A. and Chicago all of last week. I had every intention of posting a couple of times while I was on vacation and I even brought my computer with me...

Yeah, I took the computer out ONCE. And that didn't even happen until Saturday. And it was only to listen to music while we were getting ready for the wedding.

Brandon and I went to L.A. went with my mom to visit my Uncle Joe.

He's pretty much all that and a bag of chips. He's got this wonderful garden with a few fig trees, an orange tree, a grapefruit tree, a kumquat tree, a pomegranate tree and grape vines.

He also makes the best pancakes in the whole world.

When I was a kid, my brother and I would eat the pancakes as fast as he could make them. He'd plop a few down on the table and before the next batch was up, they'd already be gone!

Naturally, I requested my favorite comfort food for breakfast one morning.

I was actually surprised to find out that his method was easy as pie (considering I SUCK at making pancakes, I should probably try to employ this):

  • bisquick pancake mix
  • whole wheat flour
  • milk

Now, you have to make sure your griddle is nice and hot before cooking those cakes, mix up all the ingredients (sorry I don't have actual measurements, just try to find a ratio that results in pancake batter consistency) and don't flip them until the bubbles have popped on one side. 

Serve them up with some Ohio maple syrup and kumquats fresh off the tree. Pretty sure there's nothing better than Uncle Joe's pancakes for breakfast.

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