Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I have had a really exciting weekend!

Change is in the air. Can you feel it? It feels like autumn. It smells like autumn...we are about to embark on the journey that is surviving the winter here in northeast Ohio.

I am also embarking on another kind of journey, the journey of yoga teacher training!

Those of you who live in the Cleveland area, you probably know the yogini goddess Marni Task. She teaches at a few of the yoga studios on the east side of Cleveland and is the one responsible for yoga crack (a.k.a. Indu lotion...thanks Maria :)) I will be training with Marni and 21 other yogis/yoginis and I couldn't be more excited (and grateful)  for this new experience in my life!

I'm actually a little bit late to the game (surprise.) I found out Marni was teaching YTT the week after it started. I almost cried when I saw the dates. But I took a chance, sent her an email and after a conversation over the phone she agreed to let me jump in late. I'll be going to a few workshops in October to catch up on missed time.

It's autumn in Cleveland, time to welcome a lot of change!

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