Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Discovering Yoga in CLE


Last week was a totally ridiculous for reasons I'm not going to disclose just yet, but apparently blogging came up last on the priority list, huh? This is something I probably would have posted last week if I was in the right frame of mind to do so...

When I decided to look into yoga teacher training, I came up with a plan. There are lots of yoga studios in Cleveland (and, I mean lots) and many of them have their own TT programs. I wanted to go to as many studios as possible and feel out where I fit in the melting pot of yoga that lives in Cleveland.

If you're looking to try a new studio or just want to see what else is out there - I did a little of the legwork for you. Here is a yoga cheat sheet

Cleveland Yoga Beachwood, OH - probably Cleveland's most well known yoga Baptiste studio. It is HUGE! The desk yogis are very helpful and nice (specifically, Jesse was the one who helped me out - he was wonderful!) I took a power vinyasa class with Marni Task, which I enjoyed and it was very challenging, but I wasn't crazy about how it was geared more towards "getting a workout" rather than bringing yogic philosophy onto the mat. I think that's what the Cleveland Yoga constituents go there for anyway. I'm okay with that, sometimes you just need a workout! Drop-in classes are $15 and then the prices go up from there if you get a class package.

Yoga Bliss Akron Akron, OH - What a beautiful studio! They've got a little self-serve cafe, a whole bunch of amenities (showers, towels, etc.) and a cute little boutique. I especially liked how there were no mirrors in the room, and for a 6:30 pm class in the middle of the summer, it wasn't too hot and we didn't need to put any lights on. I'm a big fan of naturally lit yoga. The room that I was in had big frosted windows that let a lot of natural light in. Maria's class was perfectly what my body needed that day - not an overly challenging class, but it was perfect after I took a short run, because I needed a good, grounding stretch! Drop-in prices here are also $15 and then there are packages you can buy.

Agni Yoga Studio Mayfield Heights, OH - I think this is a newer studio (though I could be totally mistaken). Something I loved about it here was that they have all kinds of Ayurveda products...including complementary Ayurveda tea to have while you are waiting for class to start. Very relaxing. The class that I took wasn't my favorite as far as yoga goes, but I bought the Groupon, so I have some more classes to try out. The studio is really neat, with huge windows on the north end of the studio that let in a lot of beautiful, natural light! Drop-in fee is $15 (hmm, starting to see a trend).

Evolution Yoga Beachwood, OH - I was actually really surprised about this studio. It's in Eton (the mall part). I thought it was closer to Trader Joe's (nope - that's lululemon) and I didn't even know there is a whole mall in the complex! Ha! So, the studio looks like just another store in the mall on first glance, but there are two studio rooms AND ONE IS HUGE! I was pleasantly shocked. My other favorite part about this studio was that some of the ceiling panels were swapped out for panels with a picture of the sky and clouds. Very neat. I took Marni's Jivamukti class, which, of course, was wonderful. Drop-in classes here are also $15.

The Yoga Room Little Italy, Cleveland, OH - The Yoga Room is where my teacher training sessions are every month. The first time I went there was when a few other tt's were getting together to practice. It is one room in an old school building in Little Italy and it is beautiful. The big windows let a bunch of natural light in and every about this single room sets a calm, collected and serene ambiance for a yoga practice. It's very quaint and I love it. I am allowed to take classes there for free because of teacher training, but I'm not really sure how one would pay if they were to go there for a class, since nobody is really there to check you in...something to ask the teacher I suppose. I believe drop-ins here are $10 and you can be sets of classes as well. 

Westside Yoga Lakewood, OH - as far as I know this is the only Anusara inspired studio in Cleveland. I went to this studio for an Anusara workshop a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. The owner, Evin, is adorably amazing and the studio is a cute little space right in the heart of Lakewood. If I lived on the westside, this is probably where I would take classes. They have a $12 drop in rate, but if you're a new student, you can spend $10 and use it for 10 days. Worth it.

The Atma Center Cleveland Heights, OH - This is another studio that I haven't taken a traditional class at, only workshops. The Atma Center is a Satyananda Yoga(R) Studio and has a store with tons of great yoga gear out front and a few studios in the back. My only not 100% positive statement about the Atma Center is that while we were in workshops, you could hear the class in the studio next door, because there wasn't a solid wall to separate them, only one of those ballrooom dividers - my teachers were just concerned about being too loud while they were chanting. There is a pup that hangs out at Atma that knows how to down dog on command...I've been trying to teach my dogs that since I got them! The other cool thing is that they do $5 cash classes, for different featured classes each week - I think that's a great way to get students to go to different classes! Drop in is $15 and packages are available!

Nishkama Yoga Independence, OH - I've only been to Nishkama once, but I already know how wonderful the owner is because (with the help of the yogini goddess, Alicia) she is allowing me to practicing teaching a yoga class to my friends at the studio! I really enjoyed this space, because you basically just walk right into the studio, there's no front room. I was a little confused at how to get into the building at first, but someone else taking the class helped me out! Drop ins are $15.

Ok, I know there are many, many more studios in the area. This is just a small slice of the heaven that is Cleveland yoga.

What is your favorite yoga studio in Cleveland?
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