Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Blogspiration

I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been lacking blogging inspiration lately. It’s because I’ve been too busy to read other blogs.

My inspiration often comes from outside of myself, I find that many times it can be the best place to find it! From my readers, from my fellow bloggers, from my friends and colleagues…all of you inspire me.

Last year I wrote about the CLE bloggers who’ve inspired me. I think it’s high time that I give you the next generation of that list. In the last year I’ve connected with so many wonderful people through my blog and I am continually humbled by the incredible friendships that we’ve created. Even when I take a step back from the blogosphere, they’re always there to help and support and inspire!

Rachel and I met accidentally at a bike tour/wine tasting in Conneaut (a deal I couldn’t resist from Livingsocial). We didn’t realize who each other was at the time and it was only when we both posted about it that it clicked. Her “Monday Mantras” are a must read at the beginning of my week.

Crystal was the one with the brilliant mind behind my Pumpkin Beercakes and I will be forever grateful to her for that (“I am not worthy…I am not worthy…”) since beer was apparently the ONE ingredient that actually makes my pancakes edible.

Erin might just be my favorite person in the whole world. I haven’t met her (irl) but I feel like I have!  She always has some way of inspiring me to just get real. Whether it’s because she’s training for a triathlon or volunteering or one of the million other things she’s involved in – I absolutely love reading her posts. She’s the one who prompted me to take the plunge into a full time standing desk at work!

Holly…Holly’s just awesome. She was willing to be one of my first ever yoga guinea pigs and I didn’t realize it, but we’re both about the same height (towering, obviously). I go straight to her blog when I need some motivation to get moving.

Amie’s posts constantly encourage me to get creative in the kitchen, which has been especially important lately – it’s been a lot of chips, cheese and salsa for dinner! Plus, she’s got some really amazing tips on all sorts of cooking related things (like, cooling coffee to make it iced without melting the ice cubes!)

Maria is just wonderful. Whether she likes it or not, I’ve dubbed her my yoga teacher training big sister. She’s not only an awesome yoga teacher, but each one of her posts is a chance for me to learn a little bit more about yoga, from another point of view. And get ready, there might even be some Street Yoga in Cleveland’s future!

This list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the other bloggers that I look to for advice, friendship, and inspiration. It’s like a blogosphere satsang! Satsang is a concept we talk a lot about in teacher training. From Wikipedia:
sat = true
sanga = company
(1) the company of the "highest truth,"
(2) the company of a guru, or
(3) company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the truth.

And although the concept of satsang was introduced long before the wonderful world of the internet, the idea can really be used across any medium. I have so much love for my blogging satsang. Even if I find myself out of the loop for a while, I always know where to find the inspiration to jump right back in.
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