Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Best Save-The-Date Idea Ever

Drumroll, please...this is my very first vlog (well, kinda). I want to let you guys in on our brilliant save the date idea.

Brandon and I are trying to keep our wedding on the inexpensive side. One of the things we decided on to keep our wedding costs down was the save the dates...no snail mail for us. I've seen a couple of people skip the save the dates all together, but we figured since we have a lot of out-of-towner's coming in, we wanted to let everyone know the date well in advance. The solution?

Video Save-the-Dates!

Don't mind my sweatpants with the pockets turned out and my poor percussion skills. Luckily, I have a very musically inclined fiance. He wrote an adorable song for the occasion.

The video is going out to our guest via email, although special phone calls are being made to those grandparents who haven't gotten on the email boat yet.

Alright, I know...this might be the cheesiest thing we've done yet. Lots more cheese to come. Just you wait!
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