Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun Things Friday

Okie doke, here are some of the neat things I happened across (or heard about on NPR) while I should have been doing my work this week:

I'm basically obsessed with food's where I find absolutely ALL of my recipes. Here's another resource. From the website "Recipes you'll love from cookbooks we trust"

I always have a problem with having too many calendars. This might help a bit, at least it will streamline all of my post-it notes

Brandon playing "Priority" on the car ride back from North Carolina over Thanksgiving weekend

This song puts me in the BEST mood around the holidays

Next Tuesday is the Winter Solstice! Practice your sun salutations so you can offer 108 of them to the shortest day of the year. Here in Cleveland, we probably won't see the sun at all that day (gray, grrraaay Cleveland) but I will be moving with a sun-shiny intention, regardless.

Ashley (my favorite neverhomemaker) has some good running advice, even if you're not trying to come back from an injury.

I made these chocolate chip cookie sandwiches for a work party. They were definitely a party favorite and miiiight even become a staple for future office parties. They're absolutely divine!

Finally, I leave you with one of my favorite pictures. It's my desktop background on my work computer:

Hope everyone has a lovely, lovely weekend! We're celebrating our monthly Freekend (lots of fun, no $$ required!) What are you planning to do this weekend?

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  1. This weekend, I'm planning on vegging out tonight, FINALLY starting my Christmas shopping and dinner with the family on Sunday. Plus a long run of at least 12.5 miles. That should be interesting!

    p.s. I love the new blog look!


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