Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Workouts: the "What I Wore" edition

Last Monday evening, the weather report looked something like this:

with a lake effect snow advisory (hence, the EXCLAMATION point in an orange triangle) from the previous Saturday night up until Wednesday evening...we were in for a lot of snow.

A lot is an understatement.

That Monday, it snowed all day long. At home, and at work. It took me over an hour, both ways, to get to and from work (It normally takes about 45 minutes). But, you know what?

I really wanted to run.

Plus, Brandon just got his own pair of Yaktrax, so he needed to try them out. Never mind that there was over a foot of snow on the ground. And it was impossible to find the sidewalk. So how does one prepare for a 3 mile jaunt in lots and lots of icy-cold snow?

This is what I wore:
Underarmor spandex pants
Ski pants on top
Long cotton socks
Long wool socks
Underarmor spandex shirt
Long sleeve shirt
Fleece vest
Reflective vest
Fleece earband
Underarmor hood (to cover my whole head/neck/mouth/nose)
Running shoes
Wool socks on my hands, because my gloves weren't going to keep me warm enough

This is what I learned:
Running in feet of snow is a lot for taxing than running in inches of snow
Be careful, curbs can sneak up on you
Your Garmin generally needs batteries to work effectively, mine was running on E
It takes approximately 20 minutes to put 13 articles of clothing on...
...It takes longer to take them off, since they're wet and sticking to you

I'm going out again tonight. There is still over a foot of snow on the ground, it's still going to be miserably cold and dark and I'm still going to spend more time than I'm actually running to put on and take off my clothes. Why? Because it is the ultimate detox for me, whatever the poison is.  If I combat inertia, get out, and get moving, eventually every kind of toxin works its way out. And that is exactly what I need today.

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