Monday, February 6, 2012

our home improvements list is 10 years long

After lacrosse practice on Sunday, Brandon and I headed over to the IX Center for the Great Big Home and Garden Expo.  We managed to get out without buying any of the gimmicky knick-knacks that many exhibitors were selling -- although I really wanted this thing that picks up dog hair like MAGIC. What we did leave with was a list of home improvements for the house.

A hot tub, for instance. 

Some highlights for me from the expo:
The Ferris wheel. Although we didn't ride it. I was worried that Brandon would get sick on it :)

Brandon in a Toy Story hat.

The many other hats on display.

I'll let you in on a little secret, if you want to woo Brandon, play a handmade instrument for him. He's a sucker for them.

I want this chair for my backyard. There's even a beverage holder within arm's reach.

Thus, we left the expo with a bunch of new home improvement plans that are bound to take us the next ten years. But, I'd say it was a great way to celebrate my first week as a homeowner. 

You can still get to the expo if you want to, it runs from February 4-12. When you buy tickets online, you automatically get $3 off and if you enter the promo code PEACE, you'll get another $1 off admission...just for being a PL&B reader! Click here to buy tickets online.

How long is your list of home improvement projects?

Full disclosure...I was asked by the Great Big Home and Garden Show to promote the upcoming event. In exchange, I receive 2 general admission tickets

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